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Why You should promote your blog via Social Media

Social media is social network place or forum where individuals come from across the globe and become part of a global community. If you have blog you should promote it via the social media. This particular article will explain you importance of Social Media for Blogs.

What is a social media?
Social media is social network place or forum where individuals from across the globe become part of a global community and are able to make new friends meet old friends and share things and ideas. Social media can be referred to as one of the wonders of the world since it has managed to bring individuals form all backgrounds and geographical location to one global community. Social media was initially used as a chatting site where friends would catch up however over the years this has changed and presently the social media has been used as a marketing place.

What are some of the social media?
If you have blog for your website or business you should promote it via the social media. Promoting your blog means creating traffic so that you get more visitors in your blog. There are many social media out there Facebook, Twitter and MySpace being one of the giant social Medias. There are many reasons why you should advertise you blog through the social media let us look at some of these reasons.

Why social media?
First and foremost advertising you blog through the social media like twitter is the most attractive and convenient way to advertise your blog for free. You can either advertise your products or services without any charges. All you have to do is create a fun page for you blog. You can either use your company name, logo or motto to advertise through the huge social networks.
Secondly it is easy to update your visitors on the latest products or services and any latest news related to your blog. By updating your fun page all the members who joined the fun page are able to get the updates. This way you are sure of targeting a huge number of funs with ease and for free. Social media also guarantees you that you are able to target a huge number of fans. This is because once one of the members for instance a Facebook member likes your fun page it gets posted on their wall. Their friends are able to see and they can also like the page. This means that with just one audience you can target up to a million audiences worldwide.
For anyone who has ever tried online marketing knows that traffic is the key component for a successful website or blog. This is done by creating keywords for your blog and fun page so that they can be accessed by the search engine spiders. Although the social media pages cannot be accessed by search engines there fun pages can hence a good opportunity to market your blog.
Last but not the least, with a social media also you are able to create your own blog community where individuals are able to meet and share ideas about your blog or business. Keep in mind that the best way to market your blog is by creating valuable content and networking.

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  1. Ya social media is good way to promote website . and facebook is first social media to promote any kind of website . and all type other type of social website . thnx for sharing your wonderful thoughts . its really help me out

  2. Great article!!,

    social media is a sure way to make your voice heared in all walks of life...

  3. Fantastic information.I too promote my blog via social media like twitter, facebook.

  4. Social media is a trend and a tool at the same time! It’s where people are, that’s why it is advisable to use it in optimizing your blog or site. Whenever there’s good traffic, that’s where you should be!